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2020 - uniform universe


2020 - aurora polaris


2020 - wind through mojave


2018 - Parasitic Memories - For Ensemble

In memory of Sadegh Hedayat for ensemble oenm


2017 - Tape Study I for Accordion

4-channel Tape production in collaboration with Matti Pulkki


2017 - Stille Nacht - For Ensemble

Commissioned by Museum in Wagrain


2017 - Intertwined Spaces (Soundscapes Salzburg) Installation

For 4-channel live-electronic installation

Commissioned by Museum der Moderne Salzburg


2016 - About 8'

For Flute, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trombone, Piano, 2 Electric Guitars, Violin, Viola, Double Bass

Composed for Ensemble Synaesthesis and International Contemporary Music Festival - Crossroads


2016 - between... 8'

hommage à Wolfgang Rihm

For Clarinet, Vibraphone, Violin, Soprano and Accordion

Commissioned by ConTempOhr and Stiftung Mozarteum for Dialoge Festival 2016


2016 - Amorphen VIII 13'

For vibraphone and two string instruments

Composed for Austrian Ensemble for New Music


2016 - Amorphen VII 7'

Trio for clarinets or strings

Composed for Austrian Ensemble for New Music


2015 - Amorphen IX 7'

For piano and string Quartet

Composed for Jan Gerdes and Kairos Quartet 


2013 - Amorphen II 14'

For tar solo

For Tar player Rahi Sinaki


2013 - Amorphen IV 9'

For piano solo

For Pianist Anousha Kafashian


2013 - 3 Sketches for cello solo 13' 

For cellist David Eggert

2012 - Music for 14 Musicians (Musique concrète) 9'-11'

Music of self-recorded instrumental samples

2012 - Invisible Blue Butterflies Die Slowly - Piece for 12 instruments 6'

In collaboration with Mozarteum Ensemble for New Music conducted by Marino Formenti

2012 - Armanschahr (utopia) 35' 

Austrian Ensemble for New Music (Music theater project commissioned by stART Festival in collaboration withoenm), ARGEkultur Salzburg and poetry slammer Mieze Medusa

2012 - Nasrin II 5'

for flute and piano

Premiered by Tamar Eskenian and Anousha Farshid


2010 - Leaflessness Garden 14'

for Piano Duo and an actress in collaboration with francoise-green duo



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