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list of selected works

2013 - Amorphen IV 14'

For Tar Solo

For Tar player Rahi Sinaki


2013 - Amorphen II 9'

For Piano Solo

For Pianist Anousha Kafashian


2013 - Amorphen I 7'

Piece for Flute, Clarinett, Violin, Cello and Piano

For Ensemble Phorminx


2013 - 3 Sketches for cello solo 13' 

For cellist David Eggert

2012 - Music for 14 Musicians (Musique concrète) 9'-11'

Music of self-recorded instrumental samples


2012 - Invisible Blue Butterflies Die Slowly - Piece for 12 instruments 6'

In collaboration with Mozarteum Ensemble for New Music conducted by Marino Formenti

2012 - Armanschahr (utopia) 35' 

Music theater project Commissioned by stART Festival in collaboration with Austrian Ensemble for New Music (oenm), ARGEkultur Salzburg and poetry slammer Mieze Medusa

2012 - Nasrin II 5'

for Flute and Piano

Premiered by Tamar Eskenian and Anousha Farshid

2011 - Nasrin I, Faryaad 11'

Pieces for Piano solo 

For Pianist Hafez Babashahi

2010 - Leaflessness Garden 14'

for Piano Duo and an actress in collaboration with francoise-green duo

2010 - ṣanāye (artifices) 15'

Music for String quartet and Harp

2010 - Piano Cycle (5 piano pieces) 8'

2009 - Khayyam 7'

Pieces for Piano and Soprano on Khayyam's poetry

2009 - Lahzeye Didãr 6'

​Piece for Piano and Mezzo Soprano on a poem by Mehdi Akhavãn Sãles

2008 - Part  of a Piece 12'

for Cello and Piano

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